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  Lauren Goodwin is a Cincinnati, Ohio native, wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 6 grandchildren; Niko, Madison, Antwane, Mario, Carter and Aubrey. After working as a Technical Specialist at Procter and Gamble for a total of 14 years she retired, followed her entrepreneurial spirit and became a Hamilton County Certified Childcare Provider founding "Nana's Nursery" daycare for the care of her grandchildren, "Lauren's Love Naturals " manufacturing and selling all natural personal care products and "A Well-Rounded Life", a non-profit organization promoting Literacy, Self-Sufficiency and Healthy/Green Living.  
   All illustrations for "Soul Butterfly" were created by her children, brothers and sisters: Darren Goodwin, Whitney, Ashley and Frederick T. Suggs IV during their elementary school years all at Springdale Elementary School in the Princeton City School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their proud, loving mother saved their artwork and composed poems to accompany each piece. She prepared the "Soul Butterfly" book and is the curator of the "Soul Butterfly  Art Collection". Frederick T. Suggs IV A.K.A. "Fred King Benz" produced, mastered and recorded the "Soul Butterfly" Poems CD.

 "Soul Butterfly is a book created with love. It is an instrument intended to encourage literacy while cultivating cultural enlightenment, hope and inspiration. I am thankful to be the vessel through which this work of art has come."
                                    Lauren Goodwin 2014
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